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Modularity is one of the key concepts of the SIMATEC approach in conceiving the new generation brewhouse.

As already mentioned previously, the basic brewhouse was created with a multi-function kettle and a lauter tun.

When an increase in production capacity becomes necessary, here you can insert and add new multi-function kettles. A second, a third and a fourth kettle can be introduced. These entries can be made individually or in groups depending on brewery actual needs.

Furthermore, when all the boilers are operating, the maximum additional production becomes equal to 13 brews in 24 hours.


BrewONE-HP: in this brewhouse family of it is possible to add a second multi-function boiler in order to obtain a second production with only 2 additional hours.
TOP MODULAR: in this brewhouse family brewhouses you can add 3 more multi-function boilers for a total of 4. In this way, you can have a wort production every 2 hours and the total potential of 13 brews every 24 working hours.

It should be noted that the kettle upgrade can be done at any future time, with the need for a reduced plant shutdown and above all without having to proceed with the construction of further utility connections. In fact, additional kettles receive utilities from the already installed kettle.