TOP MODULAR, the automated brewhouse designed to reduce costs and increase production

In recent years, SIMATEC has focused on developing a fully automated brewhouse which name is TOP MODULAR.

This series of brewhouse has been designed to be used in production contexts where the need to produce excellent beer must be combined with the reduction of human costs, and the possibility of adding production capacity without necessarily having to dismantle the plant.

TOP MODULAR responds precisely to this need.

The complete automation of the brewhouse allows the transfer of the know-how of the brewer to the machine that will autonomously and independently perform all the production processes. The brewer, during the brew, can then dedicate himself to other activities inside the brewery.

When production requires an increase in output, TOP MODULAR will allow additional kettles to be added that will increase the volume of must produced without changing the process and continuing to maintain a high level of product quality.