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The isobaric injector is used to carry out pumping in the secondary fermentation phase in order to introduce hops (dry hopping) or spices or to oxygenate the wort in the first days of fermentation.

A volumetric pump
A tank for loading hops or spices with a visual display
A group of oxygenation with a porous candle with sterilizing filter, pneumatic valve to control working times and flow regulation system
Piping with sanitary valves
Electric control panel with timers
Trolley with wheels

These HOP INJECTORS have different dimensions both in relation to the size of the fermenter in which they have to perform the dry hopping, and based on the kilograms of hops (in pellets) that they need to move (12, 24, 36 kg).
They can also be DUAL PURPOSE; that is, a special version for use as a dry hopping in the cellar, but also as a HOP BACK in the brewhouse.