A plant that can grow with you

We are different! You have to know it!

With us, you will find a solution that will adapt to your growth. You will not have to finance an oversized plant designed to satisfy a hypothesis of future growth. With SIMATEC you will have a plant that is sized for what you need today but is able to grow with you. Only when you need it.

You will save financial resources to be used for the development of your business, which will make it more solid to respect the growth foreseen by your business plan.

Our concept of modularity allows the brewery to have a brewhouse that is always adequate for the real production need. The expansion is easy to implement, does not alter the production process and allows you to simultaneously have the possibility to have large productions of the same recipe or many batches of different recipes in small quantities.

Furthermore, we have developed design solutions, some of which are patented, that make us unique and allow a high-quality wort production, rich in substances that will increase the shelf-life of your beer.