Born to give specific solutions to the craft beer world

SIMATEC impiantibirra is a leading company in the market of plant construction for the brewing of craft beer in Italy and abroad.

The main characteristic is to be born to give specific solutions to the world of craft beer production, only. SIMATEC has always tried to find innovative solutions to existing problems in traditional industrial production processes when applied to craft beer production.

This strategic choice and the decades of experience gained in collaboration with some of the best master brewers have allowed us to acquire complete know-how from all points of view.

SIMATEC brewhouses, thanks to patented technological innovations, have been chosen by beginners and by some of the best Italian and foreign award-winning breweries.

They have important features like:

Compact and easy to use
Modularity and automation
Fast filtration times with high yields
Very low hot oxidation of the wort for superior quality
A quick cleaning with low use of sanitizers
High quality/price ratio