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Technical Support

Technical Support

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Quick Overview

The technical details are very important.

Product Description

Once the technical solution has been defined and contactors notified, the legal communications need to be considered so as to synchronise the operations and to finally turn an idea that started only a few months ago into a reality.




SIMATEC impiantibirra as supplier uses its resources for managing the services specified in the order, taking responsibility for communicating information, designs, charts and manuals useful for the quick progress of operations.

The information needed for having the necessary permission and licences for beer production is also a company asset.



• Specific techniques for electrical generation and assimilation;
• Defining plant layout;
• Positioning drains in the floor;
• Indications of floor slope;
• Single row electrical designs;
• Plumbing designs;
• Delivery of equipment;
• Installation;
• Testing;
• Launch;
• Training.