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Sizing the craft brewery

Sizing the craft brewery

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Quick Overview

How to know what equipment you need to make your project.

Product Description

Once the type of business is decided (microbrewery, brewpub or microbrewery+brewpub) the “production equipment” needs to be clearly defined to quantify the economic return on the investment.




It is therefore necessary to be clear about the packaging of the product. Depending on the type of beer there is a difference in factors such as time, method and above all equipment.

Producing a top fermenting beer served in a bottle does not necessarily mean the same equipment as for a bottom fermenting beer served on tap; a useful example demonstrating how delicate this phase is.



The next element is deciding the target volume of production in hectolitres (100 litres=hl). This information is needed for deciding on the size of the brew kettle and the cellar.