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Development of an idea “craft beer”

Development of an idea “craft beer”

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Quick Overview

BREWPUB or MICROBREWERY......this is the question

Product Description

The initial phase in becoming a “craft beer” business is when the neo business owner needs support skimming through all the information available on the web.



This is the moment when it is fundamental to get advice from someone who has good experience in the industry, the moment when the aspiring brewer needs reliable information, the moment when the idea is being developed but is only talk until there is the data for making some conclusions.



Our staff from the office and the brewery want to reveal the fundamental aspects necessary and so helping the aspiring brewer to make well informed choices. SIMATEC impiantibirra has been making craft breweries since 2004. In these years they have cultivated “hands-on” experience through all the changing phases that have taken the craft brewing market to its contemporary level. This technical and cultural expertise is precious and made available to who is seriously interested in starting up a business in this area.



By appointment, technical/sales meetings will detail costs and benefits of the various business opportunities.