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Cylinder Conical Vessel

Cylinder Conical Vessel

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Product Description

The cylindrical-conical vessel is made by a cylinder structure with a conical bottom slanted of 60° to facilitate the collection and expulsion of the yeast from the bottom in order to obtain a better beer clarification. It is used for primary and secondary fermentation in a row. It is recommended in particular for the low and top second fermentation of beers for the tapping tank or for the packaging using isobaric method. Its refrigeration jacket is made by laser welded inox steel with 0,8 mm thickness; this jacket is positioned both on the cylinder and in the cone. On the bottom is fitted an inox structure where are positioned two butterfly valves and one pipe insert higher than the vessel bottom. This allows to transfer finished beer avoiding to transport residual parts of yeast laying on the vessel base. An inspection window can be found at the top of the vessel. Washing is possible through two spraying moving balls. Additional parts: spund apparate, CO2 pressure gauge. External finishing is glazed inox. We suggest to have a cylinder-conical vessel with a double capacity compared to brewhouse.