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Automatic Brewhouse

Automatic Brewhouse

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Quick Overview

Top Modular Brewhouse

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Product Description

 TOP MODULAR FULL AUTOMATIC BREW HOUSE, completely automatic, where it is possible to have up to 4 multifunctional MULTI-BREW tanks to reach a continuous cycle production of 13 brews a day.

The operating principle is that to have a MULTI-BREW tank inside which realize the mash, the boiling and the Whirpool, a separated filter in which perform the grist filtration and a heat exchanger for the wort refrigeration in line with the transferring piping to the fermentation tanks.

Production of final wort at the nominal value at 14°P
Total production time including the transferring to the fermenters:
6 hours and 30 min
Max. thermo gradient of heating: 2,5°C/min (with generator of suitable capacity) Average filtration time: 1hour 15 min
Whirlpool realization time: 20 min
Wort cooling and transferring time (at the temperature of 10°C): 30 min
Filtration yield: higher than 85%
Low hot oxidation

The main elements are the following:


The multifunctional tank has been conceived to realize in one single point the mash, the boiling and the Whirlpool.
It is completely made of 304 stainless steel.
The multifunctional tank is completely free, because it hasn’t any grids or other external elements. It is fitted with an agitation paddle and two paddles that are wide as the tank diameter. All this to grant a homogenous and vigorous mixing and consequently an optimal thermo exchange.
The bottom device with (pneumatic) buffer valve grants a fast and total emptying and an easy sanitization of the lower part of the tank.


The filtration tank has been conceived to realize only the wort filtration.
It is completely made of 304 stainless steel.
The SIMATEC filtration system uses filtrating grids composed of triangular polished profiles assembled to have an high empty-full ratio, with upper chinks of sieve of 0,8 mm and lower for wort evacuation of 4 mm for an optimal filtration and easy washing and high thickness, granting an high mechanical resistance.
The exhausted grist discharge is made by means of a specific extraction paddle with a system of swinging paddles in PE, that grant to optimally adhere to the parts, without a relevant wear and can be easily be extracted for a fast cleaning
The bottom of the filter is made of stainless sheet 10 mm thick, high resistant and built with 1 degree slope to have an optimal dripping without creating stagnation points.


In order to facilitate and make easier the use of the machine, it has been realized a centralized manifold for the fluids sorting, placed between the multifunctional tank and the filter, where the sorting butterfly valves are concentrated. The operational simplicity of the machine and the study of the pipes have allowed using a small number of valves that is a sign of operational practicality. You can often find manifolds with lots of valves that are extremely complicated and few practical. Thanks to this trick the wort moving but overall the washing and sanitization operations are really simple and fast. This is extended by the fact that the work system foresees few moving of product and few pipes to wash. The valves are sanitary, butterfly type and buffer type in the most critical areas (buffer pipe to the heat exchanger).The manifold and the connection pipes are conceived in such a way to can completely emptying and draining at the end of the washing, without any stagnation areas. Furthermore their conformation grants a pressure washing and in recycling of all the sections of the existing pipings to have a guarantee of total sanitization. The pipes are all in stainless 304 polished foodstuff with automatic welding made with orbital welding machines in an atmosphere of controlled inert gas, decappated, passivated and polished.

The standard version includes a two stage plates exchanger, the first one dimensioned to work with direct water at 15°C, to recover hot water in a quantity equal to about 1,5 times the nominal production value, the second one dimensioned to work with icy water or glycolated water for the final cooling of the wort up to the temperature of 10°C.In output to the exchanger is installed a PT100 temperature gauge with disassembling 10 mm protection device.As optional is also available the version pipe-in-pipe with number of elements variable according to the production capacity of the machine, divided in two stages, as the plates one.

The steam circulates inside the heating jacket of the conical bottom and inside the heating jacket of the cylindrical plating of the multifunctional tank. It is available as optional also in the overheating tubular nest system to increase the evaporation degree.
The steam control occurs through a SPIRAX-SARCO modulating valve with high precision pneumatic actuator that is able to continuously vary the opening between 0 and 100% according to the work necessities, to the function of the command signal given by the PLC. In output to the jackets is installed a condensate device to recover the condensates that can be conveyed to the collecting tank in the steam generator.
Before the modulating valve is installed an adjustment group composed of a condensates separator with condensate device to recover the condensates, steam filter, a pressure reducing valve with feedback signal to have a constant pressure and consequently a constant flow after. This enables the adjusting of the steam temperature according to the beer type you are willing to produce acting on the pressure adjustment.

The machine is fitted with electrical panel for the control of all the work functions.
The electrical panel is made of 304 stainless steel and has the following command systems:
PLC with TOUCH SCREEN for the control of the automatized processes where it is necessary a high precision and repeatability of execution.

The machine is ready to receive up to other 3 multifunctional tanks so to reach the maximum possible capacity. Every multifunctional tank has its own PLC that will communicate with main one in order to manage mange each single batch